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Monday, March 09, 2009

3rd Annual Sitch Indoor Tournament

(Whippany, NJ) On february 28, 2009 FC Lions have participated in the third annual tournament hosted by Chornomorska Sitch(NJ) held at the Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey. Seven teams have registered for this event: Chornomorska Sitch (Whoppany NJ), Krylati (Yonker NY), Tryzub (Philadelphia PA), Ukrainian Sports Club (New York NY), Levy (Stamford CT), Chornomorska Sitch 2 (Whippany NJ), UACCNJ (Whippany NJ).
Four team advanced into play-offs, after successfull performance in "round robin" format. In the final match, Levy won the tournament defeating Yonkers 4-2 while Chornomorska Sitch secured the third place beating Tryzub.
Special thanks to Andrij Panas and all ua-soccer community of Whippany for organizing this event.

standing from left to right: Yura Strus, Serhij Rajko, Martin Durkaj, Yaroslav Demchenko, Bohdan, Petro Karabin, Tomas Minea, Ihor Senyk. Kneeling from left to right: Volodya Taran, Dima, Serhij Barabchin, Slavko Kohut

Sunday, December 07, 2008

FC Lions site is back in action

Happy Hollidays from Ukrainian Lions.
We would like to thank everyone for sencere support and sponsorship.
We are very greatfull to people who played for our team and are still playing, to people who ran this team and are still running, to supporters who will never leave this team.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Picture of the year: "Summer-2006"

More pics from NJ.

Ukrainian Indoor Soccer Tournament 2007

On February 24, 2007 F.C.LIONS won the first place in annual indoor soccer tournament held at ukrainian cultural center in Whippany, NJ. The following teams have registered for the tournament: "Krylati" Yonkers, "Tryzub" Philadelphia, "Levy" Stamford, "UACCNJ" Whippany, "Sitch"Whippany.
As the tournament unfolded, the fierce victory over "krylati" yonkers with the score of 6-2, reserved for "lions" a place in play-offs, which led to the final match against "sitch". The game was tough .... additional time was running out with the score of 4:4. Everything was to be decided by penalties. And sure enough, luck did not turn away from Lions. May be Yaroslav Demchenko knew that as well, by saving the last penalty. The save granted our team the victory, that was so desired and yet well deserved.
After all, soccer is not about one guy, but about the whole team. Especially: Pasha Khurtenko, Taran Wolodymyr, Dima Dudnyk, Ihor Senyk, Aristarkh Kovalenko, Mihal Turek, Sergey Kazakov, Yuriy Strus, and entertaining goalie-coach Serhiy Rayko - they all played important role in that final victory.

Monday, May 29, 2006


On May, 28 FC Lions have participated in the soccer tournament organized by Ukrainian soccer club "Vatra" Long Island. Five clubs were registered to compete among themselves. Beautiful, technical and strategic game, desire to achieve victory and hard work have placed the team in the first place, thus getting the club its first notorious victory of the season.
On the behalf of ukr LIONS we would like to thank to Bohdan Kachuraba and every single player of "Vatra" for such a wonderful job organizing this event. We also would like to thank to all our supporter who came all the way from CT for such a tremendous support.


Petro Karabin is being awarded by Bohdan Kachuraba

during the break

The opening ceremony

More pics from Long Island tournament

Bohdan Kachuraba and his team "Vatra" in the match against "Sputnik" NJ

Petro Karabin was one of the best defender during this event

Yaroslav Demchenko and Tomas Minea in action

Slavik's first goal in the tournament

Monday, May 15, 2006

FC Lions VS Polonia Stamford

On saturday, may 13, FC Lions have played against Polonia Stamford. The game ended up with the score of 5-2 for Lions. Our goal scorers were: Volodymyr Taran, Yaroslav Demchenko, Kostadin Angelov, Ivan Kopytchak.

Don't even try to catch Yano (6)

Tomas Minea (8) in action

Slavik's (7) performance was excellent during the game.

Dino's (24) first goal of the season

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Keith Segovia Day

Hi All,
Just a preliminary update on Saturday event.
Yesterday, via player and walk-in donations, concession, ticket donations, shirt sales we took in about $18,000. Added to previously pledged sponsor and foundation contributions of about $18,000 we have collected so far about $36,000 for Keith. Expenses for printing and shirts total about $1,800 leaving a sizeable amount to pay bills.
Info on the upcoming concert will be available soon. I will follow with an email and will also post info on our league web site. We hope to bring in a nice crowd for that event and are in the beginning stages of plans for a golf tournament in conjunction with Burns Tavern.
I spent most of the day drying out equipment and clothes and thinking about the great deal of pleasure that you all brought to Keith and his wonderful family. He was so excited to see so many friends and supporters that he played too many games and had to go home for a nap. You have done a great deal to sustain his fighting spirit.
The kind of generosity displayed yesterday was amazing. Despite constant rain and even sleet the crowds really didn't diminish. Many people just changed, dried off and came back. So many people came unannounced and just stayed all day to help. I cannot thank you all enough. If I tried to be specific I would leave out too many wonderful people.
I did take home a few jackets and chairs. If you left them get to me.
Look for the Advocate followup article this week.
I'll be in touch soon.
Bob Pepi

FC Lions supports Keith Segovia

From left to right: Tomas Minea, Vova, Martin Vasylko "Humo", Pasha, Bohdan Lonevskyj, Dima, Mihal Turek, Roman Hrynkiv, Yuriy Strus, Tadeusz Weber, Eric Bloomberg

On April 4, 2006, FC Lions participated in Keith Segovia Day. Despite the rainy weather, support for Keith was great and even greater in everyone's prayers. Keith is the big part of soccer community, therefore part of us.
Out of 29 teams, FC Lions were scheduled to play against San Mango and Southern CT. The first game against San Mango ended up with the score of 2-1 for Lions. Our goal scorers were Pasha and Vova. In the second game against Southern CT, Lions won with the score of 1-0. The goal was scored by talented and experienced polish striker Tadeusz Weber.
Also we would like to thank all other players for their generous contribution as well as food donation. Special thanks, on behalf of FC Lions to Bob Peppi and everyone who have helped him to organize this event. May God bless you!

Standing(from left to right): Tadeusz, Thomas, Yura, Keith Segovia, Dino, Pasha, Slavik

Front row(from left to right): Misha, Humo, Roman, Vova

Saturday, April 08, 2006


on foto (from left to right) standing: Michal Turek, Vasyl Berezhanskyj, Peter Lynch, Petro, Yaroslav Demchenko, Yuriy Strus
in the front (from left to right): Dino Angelov, Ihor, Ryan Marcot, Yaroslav Kohut

Ukrainian Lions ended up in the third place during Stamford Indoor Soccer Competition in Division A. As a tradition, we would like to post the best three goal scorers: Yaroslav Demchenko 15 goals, Yaroslav Kohut 5 goals and Ihor with 4 goals.
In the end, we would like to thank to Vitaliy Sharavarnyk, the owner of Vitaliy Construction LLC, for his patronage and generous contribution to our team during the indoor season of 2005. Special thanks, on behalf of all folks, who were supporting us during every single game.
We will see you again in 2006 Indoor Soccer Season !!!!
Congratulation to "Sokol" Slovakia upon their successfull league completition as well as upgrade to Division A from Division B.
Nice work guys!!!!!
On the picture:
Martin Durkai, captain and manager of Slovakia"Sokol" in action